About "Giff"

Dave "Giff" Gifford, with international experience in Radio, TV (NBC-TV, NYC) and Advertising is recognized as the most respected, most imitated and most in-demand International Sales & Management Consultant in the Radio broadcasting industry today.

  • Founder of The Graduate School For Sales Management, Giff is relentlessly focused on helping Sales Managers succeed! Through Giff's proven systems, Better Sales Managers transform salespeople into Better Salespeople.
  • Giff has consulted and trained multi-thousands of people in 49 states (all size markets) and 18 countries.
  • Certified in Marquis prestigious Who's Who In Advertising (specialist in Media-Mix advertising and Branding), Giff has positioned & repositioned companies representing 257 different categories of business. A powerful sales tool for companies in Ad Media Sales.
  • Author of How to Out-Negotiate Rate Chiselers; included among "The 800 Pound Gorillas of Sales" in Bill Guertin's seminal book on the title subject (Amazon.com); 300+ columns and articles on Management, Sales Management, Sales Strategies and Tactics including "A Sales Manager's Job Description" in Streamline Publication's book, Management & Sales Management.
  • PERSONAL NOTES: 1. GIff (started as a radio journalist and later TV News Director/Anchor) was the first photojournalist to get inside the IRA (Irish Republican Army). On the run with the Provos for six weeks (a documentary film that appeared on CBS's 60 Minutes), Giff photographed bombing missions, ambushes and sniper operations throughout Northern Ireland...earning him high praise in a review in The New York Times. Important if you are looking for a "front lines" competitor to improve your sales! 2. For five years Giff was the play-by-play statistician for the home games of the NFL's New York Giants. 3. During the Korean War, Giff started a radio station on his ship, the USS Mindoro CVE-120.


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