Giff's Philosophy

In his 1999 book, Business at the Speed of Thought, Bill Gates predicted business would change more in the next 10 years than it had during the past 50 years. It didn't take that long, did it?

One thing hasn't changed. Cash flow is totally dependent on, 1. How much you sell, 2. How much you save. 3. How much you can charge. I can help you with all three. One at a time...

  1. was created to help companies, sales managers, and salespeople succeed. Please read the testimonials herein to ascertain my relevancy to your current sales situation.
  2. I can save "sales costs" on sales and sales management training. More to come...
  3. I can Increase your company's Top Line & Net Value by helping your stations become "indispensable" to current & future customers.


Philosophy #1:

Any relationship that is not an honest relationship, is not a relationship! Translation: I am very "up front" with my clients. To test your tolerance for hearing what some clients don't want but need to hear...

Philosophy #2:

All sales problems are Management Problems! Failing Sales Execs did not hire and train themselves!

Philosophy #3:

Sluggish sales are not your #1 Sales Problem! Rather, they're a symptom of your #1 Sales Problem...the result of your #1 Sales Problem. Once completed, my Sales Execs Scorecard provides management a mirror image of each individual sellers strengths and weaknesses as measured against 114 values and standards of performance. To calculate the accuracy of said data, sales management completes his/her scoring against the same criterion. The final evaluation, after reconciling inevitable discrepancies in scoring, will identify, unerringly, those symptoms most responsible for sluggish sales. That is where I come in.

Philosophy #4:

"Ask and you Get, Don't and you Won't!"Giff
Your Sales Execs need to make more quality presentations to more qualified prospects, more times! And there is no better way to drive that point home than to remind them they have more control over how much money they can make than anybody else in business. In selling, you can give yourself a raise every day! Business goes where it's invited, period!" –Giff

Philosophy #5:

"Sell MORE clients, Sell clients MORE!"Giff
Face it, with the increasing cost of doing business, even with an improved economy your market share is at risk. Stanley Marcus of Neiman-Marcus fame said it best: "Either you grow or you die." Therefore, the future of your company is more dependent on New Business than Existing Business. Think about it. There are only two kinds of business: New Business & Repeat Business! But you can't have one without the other, can you? "Unseen is Untold is Unsold" –Giff

Philosophy #6:

"You WIN with SOLUTIONS, not smiles!" –GIff   What is the best way to build stronger client relations, what I call "Silent Partner Relationships"? Sell them Sooner, get Results for the Sooner and so long as you add "value" to your client relationships by generating ideas advertiser's can make money from, you will have loyal clients. Ignore that advice, and your "best customers" will become your competitors' "best prospects".

Philosophy #7:

"No Train, No Gain!" –Giff
At the end of the day, it's your sales coaching vs. your competitors' sales coaching." The only sales tool your sellers have to work with is their native language, the words they choose, the order in which they place those words, and how they say them. That's selling! I can help with the hiring, but when it comes to coaching I prefer that the sales manager be the hero, not me...translating what he/she learns from me to the Sales Execs in their own voice.

Philosophy #8:

If there is a fundamental flaw in your sales effort, I'll find it and help you vercome it! What to do? "Change NOTHING & NOTHING will change! –Giff  

Sales & Sales Management is all about HOW TO! Over time we'll cover the entire literature of on Skype.