Testimonials for Giff's Sales How-To

...toughest radio sales and sales management problems solved...

"If you're looking to improve as a sales manager, Dave Gifford's Graduate School For Sales Management is it! Where else can you get your toughest sales and sales management problems solved, and learn from  the best at the same time?"

—Eric Rhoads, Publisher, RADIO INK magazine.

...50% increase in billing...

"Thanks to a 50% increase in billing in your first year consulting us, our group has moved from 3rd place to 1st place in total billing among all the station groups in this market. We have, in fact, toppled the once perennial revenue leader for the first time in at least 15 years."

—Lawrence Amaturo, former owner of four Santa Rosa, CA radio stations, 
now the proud owner of Nissan & Zia auto dealerships in Santa Rosa.

...Giff is the best!

"Kevin Sweeney was my friend and consultant for 30 years, but Giff is the best!"

--Joe Amaturo, Legendary American Radio Broadcaster

I now have an explosive system!

"Your Graduate School For Sales Management was by far the meatiest, most influential, most value-packed, real world, put it to work, have-you-got-the-guts seminar I have ever attended. I now have an 'explosive system'! I just wanted you to know that you have been, without a doubt, the biggest influence on my career."

—Bill Guertin: "The 800 Pound Gorilla of Sales" (includes Giff as one of Bill's Gorillas of Sales)

...best sales & management consultant in the industry.

"Dave Gifford—the Zen Master of broadcast sales—Is the best sales & management consultant in the industry."

--2011  "Broadcaster of the Year", Ed Christian, President/CEO, Saga Communications.

...the most astounding presentation...

"It was the most astounding presentation. Incredible, and we highly recommend it. But, beware! If you're  used to to doing things like you have always done them and feel that's the best you can do, you may be in for a rude awakening."

—Bill Sims (a former owner/competitor of Giff's in Santa Fe, NM)

We saw immediate results in all our markets.

"The Graduate School For Sales Management is filled with usable information and ideas. We saw immediate results in all our markets."

—Duke Wright, President, Midwest Communications

You helped me double our billing...

"You helped me double our billing in Georgetown, increase sales by 85% in Augusta, pull off a quick turn-around in Nashville, and now I'm doing it all over again as the owner of my own stations." 

—Scott Peters, Owner/Chief Executive, Classic Radio FM, Ripley, Mississippi

...should be on every sales manager's desk...

"Giff's book ("How To Out-Negotiate Rate Chiselers") should be on every sales manager's desk and referred to every time they approve a rate. If every one of the 100,000+ salespeople in Radio followed these rules, our industry would soar to new heights."

—Gary Fries, former President/CEO, Radio Advertising Bureau

...the best sales trainer in the world today...

"The best sales trainer in the world today is Giff Gifford!"

 --John Myers, Owner/CEO, Legendary UK Radio Broadcaster

...the greatest radio sales expert in the world today...

"My friend and personal mentor of many years has finally bitten the digital bullet and launched a website! This is great news for radio sales people particularly, all over the world, as he is without doubt the greatest radio sales expert in the world today!

It's called Sales How To, with David W Gifford, you must check it out! And stay tuned in to his regular blog posts. I’ve read a lot of Giffs stuff over the years and it is excellent. He has an innovative approach with this website, meaning you can engage his hugely effective services via Skype, so if you are sales exec, especially a radio sales exec, you can get ‘Giffed’ wherever you live, "whenever it suits!"

Call Giff today!

"When he first came to the UK in the late 80's commercial radio in the UK was still in its infancy; advertisers didn't believe listeners would give up the commercial free BBC stations they grew up with. Not only did Giff train GWR's station salespeople from top to bottom, he also 'Giffed' advertisers. Using the techniques Giff taught us, all we had to do was sign them up.

To this day I use the same word-for-word Giff lines to sell Radio and, trust me, they still work! If it wasn't for Giff I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be running the UK's biggest independent Radio sales company 20 years later.

Bottom Line: if you want to make more money selling Radio, call Giff today" 

--Michael Charnley-Heaton, Founder & Group CEO RadioWorks Ltd.

...the Master sales trainer and the best in the business...

"The SalesHowTo.net website is much more than the name implies. Giff is the Master sales trainer and the best in the business." 

--Warren Lada, Executive VP/Operations, Saga Communications, Inc.